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Eye training: the best exercises

Eye training: the best exercises

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In order for us to catch things with our eyes in a split second, many different muscles have to coordinate with each other. Our eyes almost never move, they are always in motion. Therefore, it is not surprising that the eye muscles sometimes get tired throughout the day. We notice this above all when the eye burns, itches red and hurts. You can counteract signs of fatigue and eye pain with relaxation exercises. In the case of immobilities such as astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness, even the best exercises will not help.

What can eye training do?

Be with eye training Targeted exercises It is indicated who should help whom Relax eye muscles and relieve irritation caused by prolonged screen work or other exertion. Regular eye training can also prevent vision loss due to one-sided viewing habits. So if you work many hours a day in front of screens, you can train your eye muscles with targeted exercises and redness, irritation, dryness, and burning can be alleviated.

But don’t make false promises: With eye training, you cannot change myopia or farsightedness. If you have poor eyesight, you cannot treat it with eye exercises. In the case of astigmatism and blurred vision, only optical aids such as glasses or contact lenses can help. Interventions such as laser treatments help restore normal visual acuity to the eye. The costs of such laser treatments are usually not covered by health insurance companies. Consult an ophthalmologist to see if laser treatment holds promise for you.

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However, glasses and contact lenses are very good ways to improve persistent eye pain or headaches.

Exercises for tired eyes: how to relieve pain, dryness and burning

Our eyes are designed to move and see at all possible distances. When we stare at monitors and cellphone screens in front of our noses for hours, our gaze becomes fixed. We also flicker less when working long hours at a screen, watching TV, or reading. This causes our eyes to dry out more quickly, which increases redness, irritation, and symptoms like itching and burning. Fortunately, you can give your eyes variety and movement with several very easy exercises. These eye exercises sharpen vision, relax the eyes, and provide relief from burning and itching.

  • 30-30-30 exercise: Every 30 minutes, take the time to focus on an object about 30 meters away for about 30 seconds. This exercise also activates your eyes’ ability to see far.
  • intentional blinkingScreen action creates a stare that automatically makes us code less. This dries out the eye and causes discomfort. Blink consciously often. This moisturizes the eyes and keeps foreign matter away from them.
  • eyes closed: Before our eyes get tired or dry, we can take countermeasures simply by closing them for 30 seconds. This ensures relaxation and gives us time to organize our thoughts.
  • eyes spin: Take a few seconds from time to time to allow your eyes to rotate properly. Look away, then to the side, then down, then to the other side.
  • trace lines: Follow all subway lines on this map of the Tokyo metro network. During the exercise, you are moving all the muscles of your eyes and you have to focus on honing them.
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