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F1: Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez vie for world titles - Red Bull boss Christian Horner rules out stable orders

F1: Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez vie for world titles – Red Bull boss Christian Horner rules out stable orders

Does Perez have a real chance of winning the title at Red Bull in the 2022 F1 season? Or should he give way to current world champion Verstappen if in doubt? Horner faced these questions After Perez’s victory in Monaco Face it – just a week after racing in Spain, where the Mexican had to let Verstappen through.

The latter caused the 32-year-old to be furious: Even at the Grand Prix, the team reported “needing to talk”, which Horner could understand. Any doubts about Perez were dispelled immediately after the race: “He understood the situation. There was no problem at all,” says Horner.

Then Monaco came and Perez won. Shortly thereafter, Red Bull announced a contract extension with Perez until 2024 The pilot was praised to the sky.

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But what can Perez actually achieve at Red Bull alongside Verstappen? Horner means everything. Verstappen and Pérez are allowed to drive freely. “It doesn’t matter to us which one becomes the world champion. Of course: the constructors’ championship is very important to us. But whether that’s the case [in der Fahrerwertung] In the end it’s Max or Chico – they both lead Red Bull and have the same chances.”

Peres in “The Form of His Life”

This is the message that reached Peres. In Monaco, he said the situation in Red Bull was “very clear”. “The team shouldn’t confirm it. It’s clear from both sides of the penalty area and inside [gesamten] Team. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here.”

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And Perez is not only there, but also fast. Team boss Horner said the 32-year-old is leading his “lifeform”. “He is really good, and not just selectively, but consistently. His confidence is high and he drives excellently. The gap between him and Max is also noticeably smaller. [als 2021]. “

Formula 1 statistics confirmed this impression: in 2021, after seven Grand Prix, it was still 1:6 in qualifying and in the race against Verstappen, the current balance sheet with 2:5 and 3:4 looks a bit friendlier from Perez’s point of view. On average, he also wastes less time than his teammates on a fast lap. In short: it is closer to Verstappen.

Horner: The priority of the duel against Ferrari

Will it stay that way? Horner anticipates “highs and lows” as the season progresses. “But at the moment it is great to have both drivers up front. Because Ferrari is a strong opponent and recently had the fastest car, at least in qualifying. We have to work together to ensure that we can finish the race in front of them with both cars.”

Verstappen said the friendly atmosphere in the team between Verstappen and Perez would not jeopardize that. “Why should this change? We work well as a team and can accept when someone does a good job or better,” he continued. “I think that’s very important, because that’s how you treat each other with respect. In the end, the best should win, right?”

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