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Facade Upgrade – A large construction site in Gmund Town Square

Facade Upgrade – A large construction site in Gmund Town Square

The building with house numbers Stadtplatz 40 and 42 was covered over for a few days.

Marcus Loninger

WMany years of work began in the building, which houses a café, a sweet shop, a bank and a tobacconist.

A large building complex in Gmund city center has been hidden behind scaffolding for a few days: large-scale facade works have begun at Stadtplatz 40 and 42.

“The years have left their mark on the facade. “That is why we decided to carry out a renovation that would at the same time secure jobs for regional companies in a tense economic situation,” says owner Franz Pilz, who runs Pilz Café and Patisserie with a pub garden in part of the complex. Buildings with residential apartments There has been an organic shop in the commercial building next to it for years, and the space is currently available for rent. The second wing of the building, where the Waldviertler Sparkasse and Buchhöcker tobacco shops were rented with access to the Sigismundgasse – has also been affected by the renovation – and where special measures have been taken to preserve. Access to ATM and Tschick machine as well as commercial premises.

The roof downspout has already been replaced with plumbers, and the stone plinth near the ground is being replaced – at the same time being raised higher on the west side. Finally, the entire building must be re-plastered and painted, and the western side must also be protected with metal sheets. – According to Bills, about nine weeks are scheduled to work on the front and then the back.

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The costs therefore fall within the six-figure euro range.

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