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Oculus Quest 2 (Hardware) von Facebook/Oculus

Facebook offers subscription services; FitXR causes dissatisfaction with the update and $ 9.99 per month

Since the evening of Thursday, April 15, Oculus Quest users have access to game subscriptions: Facebook owns it On Advertise. Initially, subscriptions for Rick’s room Plus (including 6,000 extra icons), Tribe XR DJ software (eg with all extra decks and coaching sessions), VZfit bike training game, TRIPP anesthetic relaxation app and Complete vSpatial work / meeting program.

There is more information and details on managing a subscription Here And the Here. Interested parties can now access a limited free trial for subscription addresses. Popular boxing training is also introduced FitXR (Aka BOXVR). Here Transfer to a subscription form For € 9.99 a month for dissatisfaction, especially after adding updates like a very simplified main menu. User reviews of the highly effective and sweaty FitXR training game (To yourIn the meantime it decreased on average To three and a half stars are good out of five. The complaints range from technical issues like previously unpublished or acquired content to the greatly simplified list: Currently, there is no outdated option for sorting by session length, type of music, etc.

In an interview with VR Indoor Fitness FitXR co-founder Sam Cole promised that buyers of the old version don’t have to worry about it. Already purchased standard content and paid DLCs should still be available to them, even if they decide not to join the membership. Additionally, owners of the old game will get a 90-day trial membership. Additionally, these “old customers” must maintain the returned true multiplayer mode, which is only available for new customers with an existing subscription.

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These real-time multiplayer rounds along with other players were removed from the game long ago, replaced by asynchronous “ghost matches” and I added yesterday the real-time version again. By the way, the game’s more intense High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) mode will be available soon as an update.