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Fallout: London: An Ambitious Mod now shortly before release!

Fallout: London: An Ambitious Mod now shortly before release!

Fallout: London had to be delayed at short notice due to Fallout 4's next-gen update, but it's clear that a release is now imminent.

With Fallout: London, one of the most promising mods ever for a game is in the early stages. For this purpose, the post-apocalyptic British city of London was recreated in order to transfer the events of Fallout 4 there. In fact, we should have been able to experience this experience a long time ago, but the release of the next-gen upgrade for Fallout 4 and the associated sudden incompatibility of several core mods frustrated the creators' plans. And now it's finally time to say: London is calling!

The development team has now confirmed via social media that they have set a new release date internally. However, this has not yet been revealed in the aforementioned message. Afterwards, project lead Brigadier General “Preladog” Carter shared some additional information via Discord and confirmed: The release is imminent.

“We – the team – have a new date, and it's very soon. Not the typical 'SoonTM' answer soon, but very soon,” Carter said. So it's just a matter of “days/weeks” – and “be prepared”.

Basically, this is the release date announcement, but after the unexpected postponement of the next-gen update for an indefinite period of time, this is definitely still excellent news for modding fans. After all, it's still unclear how long we'll have to wait until Fallout: London's release.

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Carter goes on to say that they were surprised by the sudden release of the next-gen upgrade and the associated consequences for the modding community. As a result, “there was absolutely no plan for the timing of publication” because several things had to be reviewed outside of the actual project. The model has literally spent a long time in limbo – but now there's finally a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to its impending release.

Fallout: London – Trailer Revealed

With Fallout: London, a very ambitious and comprehensive mod for Fallout 4 will be released.