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Fans are even analyzing the trailer's SPF

Fans are even analyzing the trailer's SPF

Before the official announcement of GTA 6, it was a sport for fans to come up with theories about it. Now that the first trailer for Rockstar has been released, fans are taking their time to analyze it in minute detail. In fact, the self-proclaimed investigators also find interesting details that may have been intentionally hidden by Rockstar until they were found – including a map of the area in the window. However, other investigations are just nonsense, and sometimes take absurd forms.

Fan spends hours analyzing sunscreen in GTA 6

Reddit user ficerc reveals the craziest case yet. It's nothing more than a sunscreen spray, which is shown for about two seconds in the trailer. A young man sprays it on the slender legs of a dark-skinned lady. In fact, the user is not interested in the woman's appearance (as is usual on the Internet), but rather is interested in the contents of the spray; Because its goal is to determine the sun protection factor of the cream. To do this, the user went deep down the rabbit hole.

GTA 6: The first trailer is finally here – and it looks great!

To reproduce the entire content of the post here would be beyond scope. The seemingly fanatical investigator begins with a list of skin types from sunscreen manufacturer Banana Boat. This is compared to the skin table developed by Fitzpatrick in 1975. The scientific work is illustrated by the work of Dr. Felix von Luschan, used by the Nazis, among others. But that's not the end of it, because of course the position of the sun and the conditions on the beach in Miami must also be taken into account.

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