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Fantastic weekend in football: FC Nutters will punish anyone who leaves early

Fantastic weekend in football: FC Nutters will punish anyone who leaves early

The Natters celebrated their first full-fledged success, as did Oberberfuss, Keematen fought the Union and relegated the Fouls to the top of the Tyrolean League!

At the HYPO Tirol Liga, our teams celebrated real football fests in this round. In Natters, an old adage has been revived once again: If you leave your seat at the Chief Arena too soon, you will miss the Grand Finale of FC Koch Türe Natters.
In the duel with SVG Mayrhofen, the first points of the season were planned. New coach Thomas Loeffler had to dispense with injured Fabian Koch again, but some of the top players are finally back. Everything seemed to go according to plan when Emmanuel Bummüller scored the opening goal midway through the first half. The equalizer came in the first half – and in the second half the guests took the lead and were on their way to taking all three points to Zillertal.

Furioso Final

When the skins threatened to turn away, Mayrhofen goalkeeper Andreas Tokic intervened: his reckless attack on Alexander Plattner in the 89th minute was punished with a penalty, which Andreas Fritz confidently converted. In the 94th minute, it was Blatner himself who allowed the defense of the guests to stand up and scored the famous winning goal.

Objectives and points found

“Looking for goals and points” – that was the question posed to FC Peyton Weber-Oberberfuss after the second defeat. The answer was impressive: Oberperfer just finished low stakes against table topper Prutz/Serfaus and celebrated their first success in the new league with a 5:2 Sovereign away win. The next blow awaits on Friday: Natters must go to Oberperfuss – and it will be interesting to see who can continue in high spirits.

Unleash Folser

You have to go back a long time, very long, very long to see Völser SV at the top of the Tyrolean League. It’s time now. Two victories and a tie elevated Völser to a position under the sun. The team showed itself on Friday as a top team again, and if Torgarant Marco Hesina cleans up his volleying boot, there’s nothing SC Mils to win either. Hosseinah’s three goals, a 3-1 win, and the league lead – awesome!
SV Baker Rotz Kematen hit enough draws. After two draws, it was time for Three Pointers, which fought hard against Al Ittihad in a 3-2 win, but it was worth more than it deserved!

top and flop

In the Western Conference, everything was back to normal for SV Raiba Götzens after the away defeat in Seefeld: four goals in the first half with three volleys by Weichselbraun and in the end a 5-1 win over Inzing put the Götzners in fourth place again. wait.
On the other hand, the problems of SPG Axams / Grinzens continue: in the third game in a row, there was no goal celebration, no point in it, but no celebration of five in Oberhofen. The penultimate place in the table is at Hart – and turning the team around is probably more difficult than anticipated.
Finally, I felt the urge to play football again at Sellrain, who forgot two domestic league defeats with a massive 6:1 win over Robben/Caris.


Hippo Tyrol League:
Meles – Vols I 1:3 (0:1)
Targets: Hasina (3)
Kematen – Union 3: 2 (2: 2)
Goals: Apfalterer (2), Prantel
Protz/Serfaus – Oberperfus 2:5 (1:2)
Targets: Martha (2), Clima, Andra, Hovinger
First chatter – Mayrhofen 3:2 (1:1)
Goals: Baumöller, Fritz, Plattner

Western League District:
Oberhofen – SPG Axams / Gr. 5-0 (2-0)
Gutzens – Insing 5:1 (4:0)
Goals: Wichhelbaun (3), Dokic, Wachter

Western League District:
Sellraintal – Robin/Caris 6:1 (3:1)
Goals: Schlögl (2), Wegscheider, Ostermann, Rovner, goal goal


Hippo Tyrol League:
Friday, 19.8. 7 p.m., Oberberfuss
Friday, 19.8, 7.30 pm, Kematen
Vols I – EPS
Saturday, 20.8. 5:30 p.m., Fols

Western League District:
SPG Axams / Grinzens – Reichenau Ib
Friday, August 19, 7pm, Axams
jotzen ram
Saturday, 20.8. , 5 p.m., jotzens

Western League District:
Patcherkovel – Silental
Friday, August 19, 7pm, patch

Backup group 3:
SPG Axams / Grinzens – Navis
Sunday, 22.8. 7 p.m., Greensense

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