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Farewell to Adrian Williams and Michael Pfromer

frankfurt ⋅ Well though Felix Semmelroth Already know about it? His idea of ​​being blatantly nonsense, obviously not going to work? Adrian Williams, head of the Frankfurt Department of Culture at the time, was not so serious anyway when he suggested that Saxonhausen should apply for the position of Queen of the Fountain. Or as the Frankfurt Festival Princess. By experience! The 1822 Art Prize he presented to the American artist on the Kaiserzl of the Romans eleven years ago made no sense at all. But her youthful dedication to becoming Rose Queen in Portland, Oregon.

She, as Williams has now revisited, about 25 years later – after studying with Hans Hawk in New York and graduating from Stadellschull – taught her one thing: “How much we as a society value fiction.” The artist, born in 1979, saw older men weeping as he made them the heroes of his Order of the Roses. Basically, Williams builds on his very diverse work, structured from text and voice, film and sound, to videos and audio plays, short stories, photo-text works and shows: storytelling. And what they do to us.

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