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Farson introduces the FS721M-8-CAMS industrial metal 3D printer

Farson introduces the FS721M-8-CAMS industrial metal 3D printer

Specialized in 3D printing Verson Introduced FS721M-8-CAMS, a powerful system for 3D printing of industrial metals. The machine aims to manufacture additional series with increased automation and productivity.

The FS721M-8-CAMS offers a large build area of ​​720 x 420 x 390 mm and combines eight fiber lasers with an output rate of 300 cc/h. An integrated transport system with replaceable cartridges allows you to seamlessly continue your next print while removing the component.

High-performance digital optics, modified multi-scanner strategies and an optimized powder application system ensure increased accuracy and surface consistency. Calibration tools also allow the interference of the eight lasers to be fine-tuned.

Farson's Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution (CAMS) integrates all powder processing steps such as recycling, screening and refilling in a closed inert gas environment. The permanent filtration unit reduces operating costs and risks.

Farsoon's MakeStar software monitors and controls construction operations, supported by process cameras for real-time monitoring.

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