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Fast or slow?  This is what your walking style says about your personality

Fast or slow? This is what your walking style says about your personality

How we walk reveals a lot about us.

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in American studyIn the “Social Psychology and Personality Science” published, the researchers did a different examination Walking styles of 15,000 participants and made important conclusions about their conclusions Personal. Interesting stuff consequences You can find here!

The Long term study Show that people tend to relaxing on the way when Calm, confident and relaxed Character application. But it may also happen that they get a little attached to some things Too slow and slow Approaching. From time to time to give gasso it can’t hurt.

Most of them chat goose step According to scientists Open, sociable and very self-confident is being. However, at times, it’s just too much and almost too much for others Arrogant or arrogant on me. Take care not to do this Get ahead of yourself From time to time Enjoy in peace.

Are you intermediate type Sometimes faster, sometimes slower, depending on what the situation calls for? Then you belong Diligence and attention And the Quick reaction and adaptability to your strengths. But you can think about it too releasewithout Everything is under control to have.

The study also uncovered some interesting insights into what posture reveals when walking:

  1. boisterous behaviour Shows determination, determination and willpower.

  2. Arms crossed Keep the environment at a distance from introverts.

  3. If you’re sad, worried, or thinking a lot, it will probably show up on one person hanging head.