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Fast trainer Klaus raises the question of character before the mandatory victory

Fast trainer Klaus raises the question of character before the mandatory victory

Lockdown in Klagenfurt?

Unconditional bans – as well as probationary bans – are possible. Whether the game in Klagenfurt will be up to this remains to be seen Points for the top 6 He goes and decides against Lustenau and in the parallel match Sturm – WAC.

In addition to the statement, the Senate also receives a statement “SK's Quick Catalog of Measures to Combat Homophobia and Sexism” Introduction, which is currently being developed. The club leadership will then present the measures publicly on Tuesday.

Talent is extended

Sets for the weekend Sports Director Markus KatzerWho signed the contract with the talented striker FOrkan Dursun has been extended until 2027 Also to the fans: “Everyone should know what it would mean for Rapid if something happened again.”

“The most difficult task”

“After a fantastic derby night with the last person to defend strongly, the toughest possible task awaits us,” confirms Klaus.

To achieve a mandatory victory, the drill was aimed at a broadly defensive opponent.

Like general manager Hoffman and Kolovits, he would recognize and appreciate players who showed up in a completely different way: “It is important to distinguish between behavior that cannot be tolerated and a person’s character.”

Minus 1 instead of minus 3 points

By the way: There was a penalty after an excessive fireworks display in the 1-1 draw against Sturm in the fall.

After holding the necessary workshops on the subject of fireworks Points were deducted under probation Now officially on for next season It was reduced from three points to one point He was.

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