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Father suffers from Alzheimer's: Nazan Ekes publishes heartbreaking words

Father suffers from Alzheimer’s: Nazan Ekes publishes heartbreaking words

Updated September 3, 2021 at 7:11 PM

  • Nazan Ekes’ father suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.
  • The moderator describes how bad things are for him in a post.
  • The days together are ‘worth the gold’.

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At the beginning of the year she became a TV presenter Nazan X Taking time off from her job so she can take care of her And Alzheimer’s disease The father can take care of her. Although she returned in April of this year in front of the camera of RTL magazine “Extra”. In a new Instagram post, you now painfully explain how a loved one has been torn from you little by little by illness.

“These are my parents,” Ikes wrote of a series of photos on the social network showing her sitting on a bench next to her mother and father. The days together, which the 45-year-old from Cologne can spend with them in Turkey, are “worth the gold” because: “Maybe it was the last summer when my dad even knew me half. He knew my name because there’s not much time left, but he feels I really wanted to see him and my strong and indestructible mother again…”

Nazan Ekis: Your mother is your “hero”

In previous posts, Ecks has repeatedly stressed how much she admires her mother for how she handled her husband’s serious illness. She is a “hero” – and that is “as a woman, as a person, as a companion.” But even such a strong person needs support, as demonstrated by Aix’s break at the beginning of the year.

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At the time, the broadcaster sent a press release from the broadcaster: “Unfortunately, my father’s Alzheimer’s disease has worsened significantly in recent months, so my brothers and I have to take care of our parents intensively and now we have to be there as a family. Especially for each other.”

As if her father’s illness wasn’t bad enough, Ekes also announced in her last Instagram post that she was “a few days ago.” […] I lost one of my close friends.” For her this was “another bitter reminder of what is really important in life.”

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