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FBI returns Trump’s passports after raid

Media reports say the FBI has returned ex-President Donald Trump’s confiscated passports. This was stated by broadcasters NBC and CBS citing employees of the Department of Justice and law enforcement agencies.

The passports were reportedly seized by the Federal Police last week when the FBI searched Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. In a website post The Truth Social, which he co-founded, Trump accused the FBI of “stealing” passports.

Trump already reported back at the start of the week

According to CBS, a team of investigators examined the confiscated materials to ensure they were important and irrelevant and discovered the passports. The radio reported that Trump was informed before posting on social media that the passports had appeared and would be returned.

A Florida court issued the receipt of the confiscated materials as well as the search warrant on Friday at the request of US Attorney Merrick Garland. The list of confiscated items includes documents and several boxes. Passports are not explicitly listed there.

The raid document is still classified

However, the Ministry of Justice still did not want to publish the document by which the authorities obtained the judicial search warrant. The department said the document should be kept secret to protect “ongoing investigations,” which also include national security.


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