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FC Flyeralarm Admira – This is how Admira goes through the winter

FC Flyeralarm Admira – This is how Admira goes through the winter

The transfer window has not officially started yet. However, there is actually an entrance and exit in Admira. While Reinhard Jung's loan has expired and Südstädter has waived the option to buy, Regionalliga goalkeeper Saljko Mujanovic has moved from Traiskirchen to the Panthers. “Let's see if players who were dissatisfied with their playing time still come to us,” says sporting director Peter Stoger, imagining that one or two requests to leave will be left for him. Otherwise, the players and coaches are currently on vacation until things start up again on January 8th, when coach Thomas Brattle will ask them to start preparations.

The first home test match will take place on 17 January at 7pm against Regionalliga side Krems, before a friendly match against Bundesliga side Hartberg on 24 January. But the time and place have not been determined yet. It continues on January 27 at 2pm, when there will be a test against Halladas in Hungary.

On February 2nd, we will see Ernst Baumeister again. The Südstädter team will meet regional league team Marchfeld in Südstadt at 6 p.m. The test will also be held on February 9 against Eastern League side Donaufeld at 5:30pm in the southern part of the city. At the end of the build-up, there will be a test against league rivals Stripfing on February 16 at 6pm on home soil.

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