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Fear tourists will spend the summer with them

Residents of Spain still live under strict infection control rules. One of the rules, among other things, is that you are not allowed to travel from the region where you live.

Nevertheless, after the German authorities remove the Balearic area from the list of red areas, they are allowed to go to the holiday island of Mallorca.

Tourists must show a negative coronet test upon arrival as arriving by plane or boat. He writes that if they drive a car they do not need to present the coronatest Country.

– In Spain it makes no sense that we can not go between regions, but any foreigner can come here and spread the epidemic, says Madrid resident Emilio Rivas to the news agency Reuters.

– Booking-Boom

There are now many German tourists going to the Balearic Islands. This has been confirmed by several charter companies to the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

– We have a booking boom for Easter, says Thomas Dubb Benchel, a spokesman for Altores.

He says they set up 20 flights from Dஸsseldorf to Mallorca. All tickets sold out in two days.

In recent days, several airlines have set up several hundred flights from Germany to the archipelago.

Will not “lose” in the summer

Although the tourism department in Mallorca is now happy that tourists are starting to come back, they need to be careful.

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– We do not want to waste all the effort we have put in five days so far, and then miss the summer. Jose Luis Sordoy, deputy CEO of Exceldoor, says it’s disastrous.

Easter usually marks the beginning of the Spanish tourist season.


Clarity: Bent Hai visited Neyheads Morgan in NRK, where he explained that high-risk municipalities should not go home to this Easter family. Images by NRK.
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Not only are Spaniards not allowed to travel between different parts of the country during the Easter festival, but some are afraid.

“In addition, I’m afraid to go anywhere if I am victimized by a Frenchman or a German,” 76-year-old Angeline Ruiz told Reuters.

French authorities are considering opening up the possibility of going to Spain, but they have now entered the third wave of the epidemic and have re-introduced drastic infection control measures in several regions.

Closes early

While the Germans no longer have to be isolated when returning home after a trip to Mallorca, daily life in the holiday paradise is not the same as it was before the epidemic.

Among other things, a limit has been introduced on how many people can live under one roof, and all bars and restaurants will close at 5 p.m. Andhra.

Although you do not need to be isolated, German authorities advise that there is still no need against travel.