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Federal Bureau of Statistics: The number of passengers on buses and trains will increase in 2023

Federal Bureau of Statistics: The number of passengers on buses and trains will increase in 2023

More and more people use public transportation. In 2023, a seven percent increase in the number of passengers on regular services was recorded compared to the previous year. This is also the reason for the increase Germany ticketAccording to what was announced by the Federal Statistical Office. Accordingly, the number of passengers increased to approximately 10.9 billion passengers.

The number of passengers had actually increased in the previous year – due, among other things, to the introduction of the €9 ticket. However, the numbers from 2023 are still lower than those of pre-coronavirus times. Before the pandemic began, in 2019, there was still an eight percent increase in ridership on the route.

Passenger numbers increased, especially on local rail transport. With 2.6 billion passengers, that was 9 percent higher than the 2022 figure, but still 9 percent lower than in 2019. There was also a 9 percent increase and thus 3.7 billion passengers on local tram transport. However, here too, the number of passengers is still nine percent lower than in 2019.

Nearly 40 percent increase in the number of passengers on long-distance buses

The actual growth in regular local transport may not be fully reflected in the numbers. As announced by the Federal Statistics Office, local bus transport data also show an increase in the number of passengers by five percent. However, regional carriers lacked data on Deutschlandticket sales. Automatic passenger counting systems are rarely used.

The Federal Statistics Office cites Germany's ticket as one of the reasons for this increase. But an estimated increase in population by 0.3 million people to 84.7 million at the end of 2023 is said to have also contributed to the increase in passenger numbers.

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The Germany ticket, which costs 49 euros per month, has been available since May 2023. According to the German Transport Association, 11 million people had subscribed to the ticket by the beginning of 2024. At the same time, ticket prices fell by more than 20 percent. The federal and state governments will pay transport companies 1.5 billion euros annually this year and next for financial losses. However, a ticket to Germany should not become more expensive at the moment. But according to transport companies, the support is not enough in the long term.