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Felix Neuruther and Marcel Hirscher decide to get back on the slopes: a masters race duel

Felix Neuruther and Marcel Hirscher decide to get back on the slopes: a masters race duel

A short time later, Neureuther and Hirscher arranged a duel in the masters race with a handshake. “But Peter Schroxnadel, Manny Branger and Rene Herbst should be there too,” the 33-year-old Austrian wished.

It is not yet clear when and where the meeting will take place. For Neureuther, who ended his career as Hirscher three years ago, the appointment brings not only advantages. “Oh no, now I have to start training again,” Garmisch-Partenkirchner joked on the panel discussion.

On the other hand, Neurother was not worried about Herscher’s fitness. The 38-year-old is convinced he will “still dominate” the World Cup. Despite his return to the slopes to duel with the 13-time World Cup winner, Hirscher rules out a return to the professional circuit.

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“The race itself is fun. But I know how hard and hard it is to get there. How hard it is to keep up. I prefer watching the races from the couch,” the Olympic champion explained.

However, the expectation of the duel with Neureuther, which should take place this winter, must be great. The two friends were in high spirits during the panel discussion. “The feeling is there again as soon as I met Felix,” Hirscher said happily.

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