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Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Natural Tool

Feminized seeds have been a great discovery and advantage for growers, due to their simple and easy reproduction, giving quick results in sowing. Being a process in which a male plant is subjected to a process of change, turning that plant into what would be called a hermaphrodite, giving seeds only with the XX chromosome, its production becomes high compared to other types of plants.

In the current market, feminized seeds are among the top 3 types of cannabis seeds chosen by growers for medical uses due to their great benefits and speed of production, despite being a type of delicate seed for its care and production.

Use of These Seeds

These seeds are highly functional due to the versatility they have for both cultivation and consumption, since being seeds modified by different factors, they are predisposed to be females, being able to say that they would be mothers within this genus of plants. The fact that the seeds and plant are female offers a wide variety of uses since it allows the harvest of males to be prolonged and I am able to provide a large amount of THC.

There is another very favorable characteristic and that is that they are plants that can be adjusted to space and needs, either because you are a small farmer in the field or for your own consumption, these seeds are ideal.

Another use that has been very popular lately in cannabis is the appearance or discovery of the CBD compound, which can be found in a large part of feminized seeds or plants, opening a large space for different investigations regarding the medicinal properties that this can have. plant, helping in different medical pathologies.

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Way of Farming

To start the harvest of any of these seeds, starting with the feminized ones is the best option since they are not only a production of totally female plants, which in turn may be contributing considerable amounts of THC unlike male plants, which they can generate smaller amounts than females.

Obtaining feminized seeds can have two ways, one would be to buy the seeds directly from a trusted distributor and another option could be to modify them yourself, which, although it sounds complicated, is a relatively simple process, since it is well known that these seeds have a certain tendency of hermaphroditism.

In order to make the plant change from male to female it will have to be exposed to environmental stress where the seed will be developing and cannot find a way to reproduce, this could be done by providing interrupted light cycles or simply letting instinct of survival to do its thing and forcing the silver so to speak so that it itself changes its genome through different natural processes.

Differences with other types of seeds

The difference between this seed and others is that they are specifically female seeds, this genus has been worked for years and exposed to different stages of research in order to have only female XX chromosomes and that their inherited chains still carry these chromosomes. Unlike other seeds that can be male or female in a rather uncertain way, feminized seeds provide security in this case.

Other differences is the period of cultivation, since these can last a little less than other types of seed and give a smaller number of “children”, although it is less, the quality of these is very good. These seeds can vary their product both in smell, quality/potency and flavor. They could be considered a fairly sustainable seed when it comes to growing and reliable.

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