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Festival – Otto Lechner rocks the Kunsthaus Horn

Festival – Otto Lechner rocks the Kunsthaus Horn

Getting ready for the Otto Lechner Festival: Willi Lehner, Hans Lehr, Hans Fröhlich, stage director Manuel Volkel and Emmerich Mixner (from left).

Edward Reininger

Great events overshadow the future. KiT President Emmerich Meixner and his team are working hard to prepare for the Otto Lechner Festival to organize the second Otto Lechner Festival for Jazz Tasters in the Kunsthaus.

Lechner invites you to a musical date at the Kunsthaus from 8 to 11 June with the “Invention & Memories” music festival. Accordion virtuosos make music with fellow musicians across all genre boundaries.

With the festival, Lechner wants to implement his musical and artistic ideas on the one hand, and to communicate emotionally and delight his audience on the other hand. Of his motivations, Lechner says: “I come from a small village and have experienced the integrative power of music from an early age. A festival like this one in Horn gives me the opportunity to present my diverse understanding of music.” He was always kind of a village musician, always trying to present music in all its phenomenology, Ancient or modern, yesterday or tomorrow, wild or comfortable to understand and enjoy. Particularly at this time, when many are feeling abandoned, music can comfort them and show how seemingly difficult-to-reconcile views or styles can come and not have to be mutually exclusive.

The festival’s program features an unmistakable mix of instruments, styles and epochs: the range ranges from classic jazz and free improvisation to hits, pop and contemporary compositions. Lechner developed most of the solo concerts along with fellow musicians especially for the festival at the Kunsthaus.

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Festival tickets for one, two or three days are available online at: [email protected] or on 06664/1329664.