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Fire at Westernstadt Pullman City amusement park in Bavaria – Germany –

Fire at Westernstadt Pullman City amusement park in Bavaria – Germany –

Pullman City in flames. (icon image)
©Pullman City; canvas; Instagram/RaymundKneidinger

This is what Main Street looked like in December.
©Bulletin/Special/Bush; Instagram/RaymundKneidinger

A meter-high fire in the morning sky, smoke can be seen from afar: In the western attraction “Pullman City” in Egging am See in Bavaria, several buildings caught fire on Sunday. According to current police information, two people were slightly injured.

Update: Shortly after 2 p.m., the park commented on the fire on social media.

“Dear friends, partners and fans of Pullman City. We are at a loss for words! As you have already seen on various channels, a fire broke out in our beautiful western city this morning. Thanks to the quick reaction of our staff and hotel officials.” Quick arrival of the fire department, the fire was stopped during the morning, except for two people with minor injuries, there were no injuries, and all our animals in the building are in good condition – this is the most important thing! The hotel guests who were still in their rooms were evacuated in time, and unfortunately some of them fell during the operation and parts of the main street (from the saloon to the steakhouse) on both sides fell victim to the fire. “It will reveal exactly how the fire started. All other areas in the western town are unaffected and undamaged. Please understand that we do not have any statement at the moment about the damage caused and reconstruction measures. But one thing is certain: with our combined efforts, we will do everything It is in our power to rebuild the buildings with their original facades and restaurants. It is currently not possible to estimate how long this will take. Of course we will be the first to inform you on our channels!

Unfortunately we have to close our doors until further notice. You'll be the first to know how and when we expect to reopen. One thing we know: it's ongoing!

Many thanks to the firefighters, Red Cross and police who were here – you are doing an amazing job! Plus of course all the supporters who encourage us with their wishes and kind words! You're great!!

200 people, including about 180 guests, managed to escape to safety. According to preliminary estimates, the damage is estimated at millions. The cause of the fire was not clear at first, but the criminal police in Passau are investigating the matter.

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The fire broke out around 6 a.m

A police spokeswoman said: “Staff discovered the fire at around 6am.” “They tried to put it out with a fire extinguisher. But that didn't work.” The overnight guests were then transported to safety.

A steakhouse, saloon and music hall are in ruins

Firefighters battled the flames for hours on the so-called Main Street, where there are several wooden buildings such as a steakhouse, a saloon and a music hall. In broad daylight, in some places, only the skeletons of houses remained, while thick smoke rose from under the rubble.

“I could cry for an hour now.”

Klaus Six, managing director of the entertainment city, told the German news agency: “I could cry for a full hour now. But that does not help. We now have to look forward.” The employees who noticed the fire responded by attending. Mind and bring guests to safety.

There were more than 200 people in the area

According to the police spokeswoman, a park employee sustained minor injuries to his shoulder while trying to extinguish the fire, and a firefighter was also injured in his leg. The fire was brought under control around midday. At the time of the outbreak, which was still dark, there were about 180 guests and 20 staff in the area.

The park was scheduled to open its doors to families on Sunday

The cowboy lover's park is located in the Bavarian forest. It was actually supposed to open on Sunday for a family day with free admission – complete with Wild West, magic and light shows. Depending on the weather, there are pony rides there. Kids can visit a small animal barn and meet the Ice Princess, Snow White and company in the western town. According to the general manager, the park employs up to 500 permanent and independent employees.

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Hundreds of thousands of visitors are attracted every year to the area between Deggendorf and Passau. Pullman City opened in the spring of 1997, and Six has been managing director since the park went bankrupt in 2011. There is a similar park with the same name in the Harz Mountains, but the companies are separate, Six said. But they are on friendly terms.