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Fire in a Russian tunnel: Ukrainian attack suspected

Fire in a Russian tunnel: Ukrainian attack suspected

After a fire in Russia’s longest railway tunnel, the exact causes remain a mystery. Citing security sources, several Ukrainian media outlets reported today that the SBU successfully carried out sabotage in the 15-kilometre-long Severomoysk tunnel in the Russian Republic of Buryatia, bordering Mongolia.

A fire broke out as a result of last night’s attack, which in turn led to the closure of the tunnel. Later, a train carrying fuel wagons was deliberately blown up on a bypass road, it was reported from Kiev.

Russian Railways only admitted that there had been a fire in a tank car full of diesel and reported that trains were slightly delayed. But on Russian Telegram channels, there was talk of destroying several vehicles. The accuracy of these representations cannot be independently verified.

Important for trade with China

The Severomoisk Tunnel is located on the Baikal-Amur Highway and is of particular importance for Russian trade with China. “Russian intelligence services must get used to the fact that our people are everywhere. Even in distant Buryatia,” one of the interlocutors in unspecified security circles was quoted as saying by the Ukrainian Internet portal Ukrainska Pravda.

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