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Firefox and Thunderbird 102.0.1 fix bugs

Firefox and Thunderbird 102.0.1 fix bugs

Mozilla has released version 102.0.1 of the Firefox browser and Thunderbird email client. Both new versions contain many bug fixes. In Firefox, there were small bugs in the multilingual bookmark and spell-checker functionality, and bugs in Thunderbird were affected, among other things, by changing passwords and address book.

With the new Firefox version, there will be no frustration when creating a link to a bookmark by dragging it into the Windows File Explorer. In addition, the bookmarks bar should not flash white in dark mode, According to the release notes for Firefox 102.0.1. The multilingual spell checker should now also be able to handle English content written in a non-Latin alphabet.

Fixed an annoying bug in Firefox developer tools where console output is always scrolled to the bottom when the last visible message was a rating result. In addition to stability improvements, Firefox has also fixed a bug that caused the “Clear cookies and website data on Firefox exit” checkbox to disappear every time the browser is launched.

In Thunderbird, developers have improved the user interface and updated icons. They also fixed two annoying bugs: Thunderbird keeps using old passwords after changing them, and if you have multiple Thunderbird accounts, you’ll only get new email notifications for one of them.

Another glitch with the update: Mailbox MSF files can sometimes get corrupted. There were also problems with OpenPGP encryption until the update: the corresponding helper did not display the status of addresses managed via aliases; There were problems appending a public external OpenPGP key if it was configured with a subkey identifier, Thunderbird 102.0.1 release notes say.

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Other Thunderbird bug fixes are related to the address book. For example, LDAP address books cannot be configured with IPv6 address literals, and CardDAV contacts containing more than one email address, especially those hosted by Google, cannot always be processed. In addition, the address book has become more accessible with the update. Mozilla released both Firefox and Thunderbird in the new major version 102 at the end of June.


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