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First Head to the Old Rhine: The Outdoor Scene 2022

As always, the outdoor scene takes place August 4-6 at the Alter Rhein in Lustenau. Here you will find everything you need to know and what works you should definitely not miss.

to Alice Ocean

You can find the complete set, tickets and all other information about Scene Openair 2022 over here.

After last summer’s Scene Openair, one of Austria’s few favorite festivals, was held in a watered-down version with an almost exclusive local lineup, this year it will shine once again in full splendor on the banks of the old Rhine in Lustenau. Global VIPs, exciting newcomers and, as usual, an impressive selection of works from Austria have been invited to the 31st edition of the iconic event.

Meet us at FM4 Boombox

As always, FM4 radio will be right there – we’re the reception committee when you pull beer stands, camping chairs, and sleeping pads onto the site and make waiting for admission easier with our music selection. Of course, we’re also on the road all weekend, armed with our little yellow tape recorders, looking for the funniest festival stories, the best costumes, and the coolest places. Meet us taking a shower, walking in front of the stage or stopping at FM4 Boombox, right at the entrance to the festival site, for a chat – we won’t be overlooked.

Matthew Romberg

While bathing together in the fresh air is important to the scene, as well as music, dancing in the party tent and hanging out at the campsite, the expectation of many acts is still pretty cool, of course. Singer/songwriter, hint Betterov, will have the honor of opening the festival on August 4, and in the evening rapper Marteria will be on stage.

Small, but oh!

The ease of managing the outdoor scene has only advantages: for example, you can watch every concert – the stages are close together and not played at the same time, so there’s no reason to miss your favorite acting. Unless, of course, you’ve overdone it again at the Flunkyball Tournament and need to cool off in the Rhine in order to get through again.

You have to be careful about your energy anyway, because after warming up with acts like Anger, BHZ, Folkshilfe, and Provinz, things really start on Friday: With Kerosin95 and Aze, there are a couple of local insider tips that are sure to be some this weekend that will hold fans. New from the West.

Priya Raju

Priya Raju

With Priya Ragu and Schmyt, there are many VIPs from international realms. Federal presidential candidate Marco Pogo announces with a turbo, Viva knows: “The best is not over yet” and German rap favorite Casper will play his new songs from the album “Everything Was Beautiful, Nothing Painful” as a celebrity guest. With Bibiza there is also Austrian late night action.

Mavi Phoenix at Popfest 2021 on the main stage at Arena Vienna

Patrick Wally

Highlight follows next

But the party isn’t over yet – and it will continue on Saturday. With Mavi Phoenix, already familiar with the scene and audience there, there is a breath of fresh air from Pippa or Skinny B. That outdoor scene, despite its size, has always managed to attract incredibly impressive works by Austrian names such as Princess Nokia or Elderbrook or the unbeatable scooter.

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Now’s the time to keep your fingers crossed that, contrary to tradition, the weekend scene will still be dry. In any case, the public can certainly defy any weather – they have proven this more than once in the past 30 years. And also for those who do not come from Ländle and for whom this trip seems to be a once in a while around the world – by train, for example, it takes less than five hours from Linz, and from Innsbruck it takes only two hours, for enough shuttle buses from a train station will be taken care of Hohenems to the festival site.

people in the rain

Yves Sutter

So nothing stands in the way of this year’s outdoor scene – don’t forget sunglasses, swimwear, and sunscreen. Experience has taught us that rubber boots and raincoats are never wrong. Check your tickets, pack your tent and set out August 4-6 at the Alter Rhein in Lustenau.