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First impression of Meta Quest 3: The magic is back!

First impression of Meta Quest 3: The magic is back!


Tomislav Bezmalinović

I’ve been using VR headsets for many years. Quest 3 has awakened the passion for technology again after a long time.

The news flow has been down since last week, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to give my first impressions of Meta Quest 3.

These are first impressions because the arrival of the headset was delayed for many reasons. I’ve been a proud owner of a Quest 3 for a couple of weeks now, and my VR experience dates back to 2014, though I’ve been using the Quest 2 primarily since 2020.

For a full review, please read Ben’s findings in Task 3.

Mixed reality exceeds my expectations

I was blown away by the mixed reality possibilities of Quest 3 in a three-part article leading up to its launch, and I’m happy to say that my expectations have been exceeded.

The Meta First Encounters mixed reality demo has amazed me over and over again for a long time Fascination with computer media I wake up. I felt the same magic as I did in 2016 when I tried the HTC Vive for the first time.

The potential of augmented reality becomes tangible for the first time with Quest 3, beyond AR smartphones and incredibly expensive AR headsets with a small field of view. Of course, even with the Quest 3, the technology is still far from fully developed and important features like dynamic occlusion are still missing, but I can overlook these and other teething problems. When I use mixed reality, my sensory system accepts the grainy image after a while, so that the physical and digital impressions merge into a whole.

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Technology can only get better from here. It will be exciting to see development leaps in the next few years!

Beautiful appearance and easier to use

On the VR side, I’m happy with the 30 percent higher standard resolution that the new Snapdragon chipset provides for all current VR games. Through this Old titles shine in a new sheen And the low-profile looks of Quest 2 games are pretty much a thing of the past. This reduces the visual distance between PC VR and Playstation VR 2, but it’s also due to the fact that only a few titles benefit from these platforms’ performance.

The Quest 3’s much-lauded flat lenses also contribute to the VR gaming’s overall nice look, although in my case there wasn’t a dazzling day-and-night effect. The VR bubble celebrates the new lenses. VR newbies, on the other hand, will likely shrug their shoulders and wonder why the lenses weren’t so clear to begin with. This is a circumstance that reminds us that, ten years later, virtual reality technology is still at the beginning of its development.

Two game changers in terms of Ease of use For me, the default enabled passthrough mode and charging station (sold separately) are. The jumper makes it easy for me to get started in VR and keeps me connected to the outside world and my smartphone, while the charging station ensures the headset is always ready to use. Both factors contribute a lot to the fact that I use the Quest 3 often and occasionally, which is what ultimately matters with technology that is so demanding of the user.

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Really excited for Quest 3

There’s a lot more that could be said about the device, but it’s beyond the scope of this article. My first impression is that definition Turn on the correct screws It provided an improved headphone in all respects.

One should also not forget that Meta Quest 3 is not a “final” product. Like its predecessor, the device will grow through updates and become better and more versatile over time with new features.

Admittedly, I’m still in the honeymoon phase and will take another, steadier photo in a few months. I’m currently very excited that, after a long absence from VR, I see my Quest headset once again as a magical peep show that opens up wonderful new worlds for me.