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First Omicron cases in Nigeria in October

In Nigeria, the first cases of Omicron appeared in October. However, the new type of coronavirus has only now been discovered in a later sequence, the NCDC announced.

These were travelers to Nigeria who tested positive and had their samples collected in October. No other details were provided. Additionally, two suspected cases are currently confirmed. Two people who entered South Africa last week tested positive for the Omikron variant.

Omicron was detected in ancient samples

In the Netherlands, the new omicron variant of the coronavirus appeared much earlier than previously expected. As the Dutch Institute of Public Health (RIVM) announced yesterday, the variant was detected in test samples on November 19 and 23. South Africa officially announced the discovery of the new variant on November 24.


Cases in Brazil also

The first two cases of omicron were detected in Brazil yesterday. It could also be the first ever case in Latin America.

Samples from two Brazilians who tested positive for the variant will be sent for confirmatory laboratory analysis, according to a statement from Brazil’s health monitoring agency ANVISA. According to the G1 news portal, these are Brazilian missionaries living in South Africa.

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