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FK Austria Vienna |  Division points in Amstetten

FK Austria Vienna | Division points in Amstetten

Plus chance in the first half

From the very beginning, the hosts of Amstetten tried to control the match and surprise little violets. After a short adjustment period, Ibrahima Dramé put the ball just over the goal from about five metres! With a slight advantage for the Violets, Amstetten saved Mester’s free kick in the 14th minute. But Amstetten’s luck didn’t last long, Young Violets recovered the ball and the reliever turned it around and fired a low shot into the far corner from about 20 yards!

After that there were chances for both sides, with Violet emerging a slight advantage. Just before the break, Dizdarevic made a perfect break to accept Smrcka’s pass, but the Amstetten keeper made a narrow save. Therefore, the deadline for the first half cannot be extended.

The former Austrian guarantees compensation

Amstetten tried the second half started like the first, while our little Violets team played wait and see. The old hierarchy was quickly restored when Nils Hahn smashed the ball into the middle and Kopp headed wide at the short corner!

After that, there was an unfortunate duel in the penalty area for violets, the referee awarded a penalty kick and Conde had to concede defeat from Urlaub’s penalty. However, it was only a few minutes before Dizdarevic edged past his opponents from the right, crossed the ball into the middle and Anwar El Mohantar fired again to open the scoring.

Young Violet continued to push and create more opportunities. It lasted until injury time when a backwards pass was seen after a stab in the Amstettener penalty area, which Cunde hit with a hand. The referee awarded Amstetten an indirect free kick. The locals took advantage of this opportunity to score the equalizer to make it 2-2.

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Double scorer Anwar Al-Mukhtar in today’s match: “It’s very bitter, we all gave everything we had but we weren’t rewarded. Now we just have to look forward to winning the next two matches to fight relegation.”

SKU Amstetten – Young Violets 2:2 – (0:1)

Goal: holiday (66, 90 +2); Mukhtar (16, 69)

SKU Amstetten: VDestroyer – Deinhofer (Goldnagl, 89), Dirnberger (Rosenbichler, 76), Offenthaler, Kurt (Kapsamer, 89) – Mayer (Moschinger, 58), Ammerer, Leimhofer (Weixelbraun, 58), Stark, Starkl – Holiday

Little Violet: Condi. Schmelzer, Cobb, Hahn; Bazuryk, Fischerauer, Smrka, Kreker (Radonjic, 77th place); Almkhanter, Meister (Haubenwaller, 77); Dramatic (Dizdarevic, 19)

Ertle Glass Stadium, SR Ebner

red card:
Starkle (93 / assault)

Yellow cards:
Dirnberger, Goldnagl, Offenthaler, or Smrcka (87th/yellow-red)