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FK Austria Vienna |  Negative draw in the last match at home

FK Austria Vienna | Negative draw in the last match at home

Quiet start – exciting end to the first half

The first ten minutes were uneventful, but then the game picked up pace. Young Violets had their first chance through Kreiker, after dribbling inside the box he found Denis Dizdarevic, but his shot went wide. Three minutes later, the guests seemed to have made it 1-0, but referee Walter Altmann had already stopped the match due to a foul on Niels Hahn. The match went back and forth, with Gattermann and Davies testing the Austria goalkeeper, while Admira complained soon afterwards about a penalty. However, Austria had the biggest chance in the first half when Denis Dizdarevic was alone in front of goalkeeper Christoph Haas after a pass from Meester, but he only hit into the wood runs. Shortly afterwards, in the 39th minute, it was again Meester who served his teammate perfectly. This time Luka Pazurek hit the crossbar. So it was 0-0 in the first half.

Little happens after the break

The second half did not match the pace of the first. Both sides largely neutralized each other and seemed content with a goalless draw. Only in the 78th minute, Chaba Meester had the chance to decide the match after a great combination, but he missed the goal. Zoodstates got their second breath and grabbed two big chances through Reinhard Young, but Sandali Cundy past the Young Violets made brilliant saves both times.

With the tie, the Young Violets are now one of the bottom three teams in the league.

Young Violets – FC Flyeralarm Admira 0: 0 (0: 0)

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Little Violet: Conde, Schmelzer; Cobb, Hahn; Pazurek, Safin (Haubenwaller, 64′), Fischerauer, Kreiker (Au Yeong, 73′), Moukhantir, Dizdarevic (Pross, 73′), Meester (Radonjic, 88′)

FC Flyer Admira Alert: Gattermeier, Schmidt (Restany, 63 min), Buschegger (Schuler, 83 min), Maliksek, Transziska (Young, 63 min), Davies (Poczka, 83 min), Vorsager, Galli (Ibrahim Oglu, 78 min), Kekesen, Lukacevic , Haas

General Arena777 spectators, referee: Walter Altmann