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FK Austria Vienna | Painful defeat against Steyr

The Violets put the Upper Austria team under pressure early in the game. In the second minute, Ibrahima Drama tested the opposition goalkeeper. After another two minutes, Florian Fischer made a dangerous free kick in front of the goal, but it went past both friend and foe. In the first ten minutes, the Violets clearly took control of the match and created chances frequently. But they didn’t want to score a goal. However, the Vienna players stayed on the ball and put pressure on the hosts.

In the 23rd minute, Oliver Philippe got a shot in front of Sandali Kunde’s goal, but the goalkeeper brilliantly saved it from a corner kick. Two minutes later, Fischerwer received a long ball, but failed the goalkeeper. He took the ensuing corner, but Armand Smarka’s shot from the second row was useless. Violets stayed on the trigger and pressed well at times to nip any chances the host side had in buds. In the 35th minute, Enes Safin knocked out two rivals, but the Upper Austrian defense prevented Ibrahima Drame.

Five minutes before the end of the first half, Florian Fischerauer was fouled by Sven Sprangler outside the penalty area. Fischer took the free kick himself and kicked the ball away from Kruzik. In the last minutes of the first half, the hosts succeeded in getting a short wish, but failed in front of goal. So I entered the second half with a goalless draw.

A breath of fresh air during the break

Coach Harald Sochar made a change at halftime and brought on Xaba Meester in place of Luka Pazurek to give the game new momentum. The young Violet came out strongly from the first half and thus brought dominance on the field, which ended with many chances. After the 53rd minute, the Violet were awarded a free kick in front of the right corner of the penalty area. Chapa kicked Meestre but failed to pass the ball over the line. Less than two minutes later, Ibrahima Drameh walked down the left wing, but was unsuccessful in playing the ball to Florian Fischer, who was free in the middle. Shortly afterwards, Smrcka gathered courage and shot from about 35 meters in front of the goal. However, the ball went over the opponent’s goal. Two minutes later, Sandali Conde started a counterattack, but Dario Kreker’s cross found no one and went nowhere.

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The game turned around

But the setback came in the 65th minute, when the hosts counterattacked and advanced 1-0. The opening goal by Kubilay Yilmaz came as a shock to the young violets, as the top Austrian team was more present in front of goal and dominated the match.

Coach Harald Sochar responded by replacing Ibrahima Drumm and Armand Smarka and giving Josef Broos and Denis Dizdarevic the confidence to give new impetus to the attack. The two new players were also able to create chances for the Young Violets, but the Viennese team was still trailing 1-0. Yilmaz was able to celebrate again in the 86th minute, sending the ball to Pellegrini, who just had to push the ball in. The hosts explained their victory at home.

The remaining program prompts

The Young Violets missed important points against a direct competitor in the relegation battle and had to come home empty-handed. There are still three matches left to guarantee relegation. Next week Young Violets will go to Amstetten before Admira will be welcomed to the Generali Arena on May 26th. The young Violets will play their last match on June 4th in Liefering. The rest of the program is quite demanding, but anything is still possible.

SK Vorwarts Steyr – Young Violets 2: 0 (0: 0)

portals: Yilmaz (66 minutes), Pellegrini (86 minutes)

SK Steyr FW: Padding, Bitsche (54’Marceta), Bumberger, Dombaxi, Filip (90’Apollonio), Pasic, Pellegrini, Prada, Satin (67’Gunes), Sprangler, Yilmaz (90’Sivrikaya)

Little Violet: Conde, Schmelzer, Kop, Hahn, Pazurek (46′ Meester), Safin (88′ Radonjic), Smrcka (74′ Pross), Kreiker (88′ Au Yeong), El Moukhantir, Drame (74′ Dizdarevic), Fischerauer

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SIS Arena, SR happy laughter