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Flea and the nanny are looking for a home

Flea and the nanny are looking for a home

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Still a little skeptical, but ready for a new home: the nanny (left) and the flea. They are both still young and very attached to each other. This is why they should be taught together if possible. © Webkey Hack

These are this month's Emergency Furs: Flea Cat and Nanny Cat, One Heart, One Soul. That's why they're looking for a house together.

Witzenhausen – The Hessisch Lichtenau/Großalmerode Cat Emergency Aid Society, the Witzenhausen Animal Protection Society and the Weratal Animal Protection Society have been operating for many years. Here we provide your emergency fur.

In collaboration with three local animal charities, we feature animals waiting for a “forever home” or animals who are sick and in desperate need of donations in this newspaper and in a video once a month.

Today we present to you The Nanny and the Flea. They are both extant animals. Even though they didn't come to the cat house together, they instantly became friends and were very attached to each other. That's why it's best to teach them together.

Nanny and Flea are still very young. The nanny is female and about 9 months old. Flea is a kitten, and was born about six months ago. They are both very quiet and shy at first. They need time to get used to a new home, but they are gentle and curious. Nanny and Flea also get along well with other cats, but there is no experimental data on their compatibility with dogs.

Flea had already been placed once, but couldn't make it to his new home without a nanny. Both can be kept as outdoor cats or indoor cats.

The council is looking for a new home for the cats

On average, the charity takes care of about 100 cats a year, and they are placed in a new home from the cat kennel. To be able to do this in the future, the board is looking for a new home, as the old one will not be available for much longer.

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The new cathouse should be 100-120 square metres, and would ideally be a single-family home, rest area or factory building with an attached, heated administration suite.

Nanny and fleas, like all other animals, are given a protection contract and a conservation fee. Various contact options can be found on the association's home page. (By Webkey Hack)