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Floods in southern Germany: The situation is still tense – Germany –

Floods in southern Germany: The situation is still tense – Germany –

©A boat carrying rescuers passes through a flooded street in the center of Passau in Bavaria, southern Germany, on June 4, 2024. Heavy rains from May 31, 2024 onwards led to flooding in the states of Baden-Württemberg and southern Germany. Bavaria, which has claimed four lives so far. Thousands of people in these areas were forced to leave their homes. (Photo by Michaela Staci/AFP)

A tense flood situation continues in southern Germany as emergency services continue to battle floods and water levels in critical areas slowly recede.

Berlin (dpa) – The fight against floods continues in southern Germany. The dams were also monitored on Wednesday evening without discovering any major damage or violations. The situation remains critical, especially in eastern Bavaria, although water levels in the badly affected Lower Danube are slowly falling. According to the Flood Intelligence Service (HND), water levels in Passau and Regensburg were still at the highest reported level of 4 early on Wednesday morning, due to several missing cases, and it is feared there could be more deaths in addition to the victims. Five confirmed victims. For floods.

Less rain is on the horizon, but not quite as clear

According to the German Weather Service (DWD), more rain and thunderstorms are expected in Bavaria on Wednesday and Thursday, with heavy rain only likely on the eastern edge of the Alps. The Donau-Reiss district office warned that although water levels were falling, water may continue to rise in open areas. Some rain or thunderstorms are possible in Baden-Württemberg on Thursday, while the weather is expected to remain largely dry on Wednesday.

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Cleaning work is in full swing

Clean-up work is currently underway in Baden-Württemberg and flood areas in western Bavaria. “But we are still far from normal,” a city spokeswoman said on behalf of the affected community of Ebersbach an der Wels. Residents, emergency services and volunteers are clearing streets, digging out basements and removing washed-away trash. Containers were provided for luggage destroyed by the flood.

Michaela Staci/AFP

Regensburg remains tense

In Regensburg, homes along a street on the Danube River were evacuated on Tuesday evening because protective walls could slide if the ground was soft. “The soil on the Danube Islands is wet and spongy like jelly,” said Mayor Gertrud Maltz-Schwarzfischer (SPD). HND reported water levels rising to more than six meters on Wednesday morning – the normal range is around three metres.

Disaster in Passau

A disaster was also declared at Passau, where the Danube, Ennen and Els flow together. Many streets and squares in the city were closed due to floods. As of early morning, no damage or breaches had been found on the dams, but the situation remains uncertain.

Michaela Staci/AFP

Water levels in Passau are slowly falling

According to the Passau city administration, the Danube and Inn rivers have reached their peak and the water level has dropped slightly. On Tuesday evening, the water level in the Danube River reached about 9.70 metres, while the normal rate is about six metres. The water level at the lodge dropped from seven meters to just under 6.70 metres. Water levels are expected to fall further over the next few hours, and the level of the Danube is expected to fall more slowly.

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Firefighter missing

At least five people died as a result of floods that struck southern Germany. The Bavarian Interior Ministry also reported several missing people, including a 22-year-old firefighter in Ovingen, Swabia. Emergency services fear he may have drowned. The young man was traveling on a DLRG water rescue boat near the border with Baden-Württemberg on Sunday evening.