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Floodwaters have submerged hundreds of properties in England

Floodwaters have submerged hundreds of properties in England

Large parts of England are at risk of flooding. Caroline Douglas, a flood expert at the Environment Agency, told the BBC today that more than 1,000 properties across the country have already been flooded. The number will continue to rise. Almost every river in England carries an extraordinary amount of water, some of which have reached their highest levels ever recorded.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was criticized for not initially traveling to flood areas. The conservative Prime Minister confirmed that the authorities had controlled the situation. The opposition called for the deployment of a task force.

Major flooding is still expected on the River Trent in the Midlands and Gloucester in western England. The effects will likely continue to be felt for several days because the ground is saturated and the water is not draining. Hundreds of flood warnings were issued.

About 50 people were evacuated to safety in the Hackney Wick area of ‚Äč‚Äčeast London after a canal burst its banks. A boat anchored in the River Thames in the British capital sank after heavy rain. No one is hurt.

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