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Flying Night Acrobats - Free-Tailed Bats |  MON |  05 09 2022 |  8:55

Flying Night Acrobats – Free-Tailed Bats | MON | 05 09 2022 | 8:55

The European free-tailed bat – Tadarida teniotis – is the only species of its family in Europe. It lives mainly in the Mediterranean region in mountainous regions with many gorges and rocky faces, but it also occurs in unexpected places. It was even seen in Austria, although the last time was more than 10 years ago. Bats are the only mammals that can actively fly. The art of the free-tailed bat in particular brought him to true perfection. Hardly any other species are faster or can fly higher than them.

The little animal climbs to a height of 3000 meters in the night sky. To do this, it uses special modernization processes and landscape conditions – a behavior observed only in birds for a long time. With the help of tiny GPS transmitters and motion sensors, Dina Dechmann and her research group in Portugal have been able to gain insight into the life of the little-noticed European free-tailed bat.

Dina Deschmann is a behavioral biologist and bat expert at the Max Planck Institute in Radolfzell and at the University of Konstanz who talks about the characteristics, higher performance and danger of European free-tailed bats.


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