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Food innovation – Spar produces vegan meatloaf in St. Pölten

Food innovation – Spar produces vegan meatloaf in St. Pölten

There is hardly a meat-based food that is not also available in a vegetarian or vegan version. Schnitzel, sausage, minced meat, kebab. This now also applies to one of the meat tigers' favorite dishes – Leberkäse. From mid-February, it will also be available for self-service at grocery chain Spar. It is produced on the basis of soy and pea protein at the TANN plant in St. Pölten. This vegetarian meatloaf is pre-cooked and can be baked in the oven at home. It is already available on the hot counter.

A total of three million euros have been invested in TANN's meat plants in St. Pölten and Werenberg in order to prepare for new meat-free products such as vegan meatloaf. At the same time, Spar announces its desire to expand its range of plant-based food products with more “Made in St. Pölten” innovations.

Spar's portfolio of brands includes more than 800 vegetarian and vegan products, including 120 products under the “Spar Veggie” brand. The meat-free range is supplemented with products from various manufacturers, including several startups. Sales of Spar Veggie have doubled in the past five years, with growth accelerating significantly. In the previous year alone, Spar Veggie products sold by 24 percent.

As a signal to the outside world, SPAR supports the global initiative of the international organization Veganuary for the first time in January this year, which wants to inspire more people to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

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