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Football: ÖFB Belgium's ultimate endurance test

Football: ÖFB Belgium’s ultimate endurance test

For the Viennese, this will be the most difficult task in recent weeks, as I have emphasized several times. Before that, she hopes to get a successful performance from her team in Lier, near Antwerp, who were not entirely successful in their first friendly match against Denmark in Wiener Neustadt with a 2-1 draw. “Belgium is of course a real indicator and a real endurance test,” the 41-year-old said with certainty. “I’m glad we have an equal opponent, where we can really prove ourselves again,” added midfielder Sarah Zadrazil. The Belgians occupy 19th place in the world rankings, just two places behind Captain Victoria Schnaerbeck & Co.

It is also a test of direction as the two opponents, England (0:3) and Northern Ireland (4:1), also had warm-up matches against two of Austria’s European Championship rivals. The ÖFB game analyst was also on the field when the victory against the Northern Ireland Women at Leer was secured late thanks to a three-goal finish on Thursday night. “It’s a very good comparison for us. We will get good information there,” said Foreman, who will leave Belgium without Mariela Cherif, Julia Magrel and Katia Winrother in Belgium.

Final show at EM rehearsal in Belgium

Austria plays their last test match before the European Championship in England on Sunday, away from home against Belgium. In the final show, the players have the opportunity to recommend themselves to the 23-man team for the European Championship with a high performance.

Only one win over Belgium so far

Austria played ten times against Belgium. The only win came on August 14, 2013 in a Test match with 2:1, seven times was a defeat, four times in competitive matches. The last confrontations in the Cyprus Cup in March 2019 ended in a clean sheet, the last was in the match for third place and then lost 3-2 on penalties. “We have already played two matches with Belgium, and I expect another very difficult match. He is a good opponent at the right time,” Zadrazil said.

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Geba / Johannes Friedel

After EM dress rehearsal in Belgium, team boss Irene Furman has to reduce the squad to 23 players.

Get the finishing touches for EM

The Belgians are good physically and very straight forward up front. “It is important that we implement and further develop our pressing performance,” said the Bayern corps member, pointing out the way. In contrast to the 4-0 win at home against Montenegro in Maria Enzersdorf on Wednesday, which was easily achieved, the ÖFB selection faces significantly more resistance. “We have a completely different match against Belgium, a fighting and strong match, against a team that wants to play,” suspects top striker Nicole Bella, who now has 43 international goals.

The last stress test before the start of the European Championships

The last stress test before the European Championship in England awaits the Austrian national team with Belgium on Sunday. Erin Foreman’s team wants to put the finishing touches on a strong opponent.

It is really important to push the boundaries. “This applies to both the physical aspect and the gameplay, so that we can get the finishing touches for the European Championship.” The tournament for ÖFB selection begins on July 6 in the opening match against England at the all-sold Old Trafford. Followed by matches against Northern Ireland (July 11) and Norway (July 15).

Schneiderbeck’s “usual” knee problems

Whether Schnaderbeck gets Lier’s minutes is open. As in the run-up to the last European Championship, Styria has knee problems. In 2017, bone marrow edema in her knee caused her knee to derail. Nevertheless, the English Legion won the race against time and was on the field in all five European Championship matches. “It was a little different back then, this time we have more time, that’s the positive thing,” the 31-year-old explained to the APA. As a result of overcoming an ankle injury, her knee, which was often affected, responded.

Victoria Schneanderbeck in training

Geba / Michael Mendel

Schneiderback carefully takes care of her knee, which, as before the last European Championships, causes problems

“Not to worry, but I have something on my mind and have to take care of my body constantly. The knee is a bit lopsided, typical cartilage, unfortunately I’m a professional,” says Schnaerbeck. She has now had eight knee surgeries. “It’s like I’m about to have problems with my knee.”

I participated in a 2-1 draw with Denmark until the end of the first half. Instead of breaking free after worrying about the ankle, knee problems followed. This is one of the reasons it gave her a welcome break in the 4-0 win over Montenegro. “You just have to manage everything now. It’s all about finding the right balance between stress and rest. That’s why we make sure that we build on the necessary recovery, until things calm down, so that we can manage well until the European Championships,” explained Schnaerbeck.