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Für Apple Watch Series 7: watchOS 8.1.1 ist da und behebt Ladeproblem

For Apple Watch Series 7: watchOS 8.1.1 is available and fixes charging issue

tonight for her An apple Simple software update Apple Watch Series 7 released. The update can now be downloaded and installed by all users of the current watch. watchOS 8.1.1 fixes an issue with charging the new watch; There were separate problems here.

Tonight Apple has released a small update to watchOS. The new watchOS 8.1.1 update is only available to owners of the new Apple Watch Series 7. These users can now download and install the update.

To start installing watchOS 8.1.1, your Apple Watch Series 7 must be on the charger, the watch’s battery must be charged at least 50% and your Apple Watch must be connected to the same WLAN as the paired device Iphone.

Apple fixes new Apple Watch Series 7 charging issue

Apple is addressing only one improvement with the update to watchOS 8.1.1. This update fixes an issue that could cause the Apple Watch Series 7 to stop charging as expected for some users. Apple states in the comments to the update that charging may be significantly slower in isolated cases.

Apple has significantly speeded up charging with the Apple Watch Series 7, but the new speed can only be used with the included cable.

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