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For Assinger, World Cup winner Marco Schwartz belongs on the ramp

For Assinger, World Cup winner Marco Schwartz belongs on the ramp

Marco Schwartz is a jack of all trades? According to Dowden, this means a person who has several characteristics at once.

Ace skate plays several skills at the same time. A professional who meets all requirements!

Marco Schwartz competed in five disciplines at the World Championships in Courchevel and finished sixth in the top five – impressive!

Loss of the second golden combination by the width of a hair

At the start of the World Cup, Schwartz was very close to the gold medal. In the group, a slalom miss a few goals before the finish line prevented a successful title defense.

Black was less than four-tenths of a second ahead of local champion Alexis Pintorault on his way to victory when he missed and had to take silver by 0.10 seconds from the Frenchman.

In Super-G, a mistake before the finish cost Black a potential bronze medal. With the high-speed whoops at the penultimate gate, it was fortunate that the 27-year-old didn’t fall too badly. Sixth place – 0.33 seconds behind the podium – was an honor.

A wonderful descent and a dream of being in the “giant”

This was followed by an outstanding fourth place with a starting number of 21 in the technically challenging World Championship.

Just 0.04 seconds missing to the brave Radentheiner on Bronze Sensations in his second world-class downhill start. In January, he finished sixth in the Lauberhorn at Wengen.

In the giant slalom, everyone was amazed by Schwarz’s dream race in the first round, when he clearly pulled away from future world champion Marco Odermatt with a stellar run. In the end, an error in the shaded end zone prevented a really big flip.

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However, the bronze (only 0.40 behind Odermatt and 0.08 behind fellow Swiss Loic Millard) showed the incredible potential of the 1.85m 88kg athlete.

2023 Ski World Cup medal table >>>

The fact that the Lions in the final slalom got “only” sixth place was most likely due to the rigorous 14-day program in Courchevel, among other things.

So be it. Along with Odermatt and Mikaela Shiffrin, Schwarz was the star of the 47th World Figure Skating Championships. And from now on, the discussion is open whether the daredevil should switch to the speed zone, remain a technical specialist or be able to practice all disciplines.

Assinger: “Marco belongs to the lineage!”

In his World Cup analysis on “Sport und Talk aus dem Hangar-7” (ServusTV) Armin Assinger explains about his Carinthian compatriot: “Marco is over the pace, he comes from the slopes. He is the best example of someone with technical perfection, courage and heart. Marco belongs to Slope!

Assinger also sees a win-win situation: “He can and will give his teammates a boost with his stooping method. I also see that as an approach at ÖSV.”

Should Black go to “The Archers”?

ServusTV ski expert Philipp Schorghofer also has his say on the matter and is full of praise for the 27-year-old: “Marco has such dynamism. Also in giant slalom. It helped him a lot in taking this step. The Super-G and downhill were amazing also “.

Shortgover: “Marco is a skinny guy with a huge lard!”

Churji’s verdict: “He has a basic speed that you can’t learn. Marco is a very skinny guy, but he’s really smart, which is unbelievable.”

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Schwartz, who trained extensively in downhill and Super-G in Chile in the summer, is leaving the future open.

The all-rounder knows that – if he stays injury-free – he’s also a favorite to win the World Cup as a whole.

Assinger and Schörghofer also have an opinion on this matter: “Anyone who leads everything and finishes fourth, fifth or sixth in the all-around has no chance against Odermatt, who wins many races in two or even three disciplines should walk away… “

What do you think that? Should Schwartz specialize or prove as a “jack of all trades” that not all players will die in a World Cup?