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For humanitarian aid: US urges North Korea to open borders

For humanitarian aid: US urges North Korea to open borders

The United States encouraged North Korea, largely isolated internationally, to open its borders to humanitarian aid and ease some restrictions after a German foreign ministry delegation visited Pyongyang.

“There have been reports that some European delegations have been able to return to the country, so we welcome these developments,” Jung Pak, the US State Department's North Korea ambassador, said yesterday.

The United States will also “encourage North Korea to further open its borders, particularly to enable humanitarian cooperation.” Humanitarian groups include “really good people” who interact with North Korea and have nothing to do with politics, Bach continued. “We want to make sure that children are vaccinated and that the health system is in order.”

Last week, a team from the German Foreign Ministry was on a “technical inspection visit to Pyongyang,” a ministry spokesman told AFP today. “It spent several days inspecting the premises of the German embassy, ​​which had to be temporarily closed in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.” However, the trip “is not a preliminary decision on reopening the embassy.”

According to the German Foreign Ministry, there was close coordination with the partners before the trip. Britain also reportedly sent inspectors.

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