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Foreign Policy: Tens of thousands protest for abortion rights in the United States

“I think no one has the right to make decisions about someone else’s body,” said 20-year-old Hannah Williamson, who traveled from Suffolk, Virginia to Washington in a three – hour demonstration. “I also fight for the rights of all on this issue.” Protesters in the US capital marched to the Supreme Court, threatening to revoke the country’s right to abortion.

In Brooklyn Borough, New York, about 3,000 people gathered behind a pink banner that read, “Our Bodies. Our Future. Our Abortions.” Protesters included Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, New York City Mayor Eric Adams and other influential Democrats.

The protests were sparked by a draft Supreme Court ruling leaked earlier last week. Thus, the Supreme Court can overturn the “Row We Wade” judgment, which has been in force for nearly 50 years and upholds the fundamental right to abortion. Since there is no federal law in this matter, states will have the freedom to prohibit abortion or strictly restrict access to abortion.

Half of the 50 states are likely to go this route. If the women living there are able to have an abortion, they will have to move to other states.

Anti-abortion activists have been campaigning for Roe v. For decades. Have been working to cancel Wade. Linda Coffee, a former U.S. lawyer who won a major ruling on abortion rights nearly 50 years ago, warned in an interview with AFP that the Supreme Court had overturned the “Row V. Wade” ruling.

Coffee says pregnant women who want to have an abortion will face greater difficulties in the future. “It costs a lot for those who do not have good health care or for the poor.” Not only do minorities want to remove the right to abortion, but they are “very vocal”.

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According to a new poll by Politico and the Morning Consult, a majority of 53 percent of voters will vote for Roe V. Are against changing hunting. Many organizations have voiced support for abortion rights defenders.