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Former Peruvian President Castillo seeks asylum in Mexico

After the turbulent change of power in Peru, former President Pedro Castillo applied for asylum in Mexico. This was announced yesterday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Mexico City. The Government of Peru will now be contacted on this matter. Castillo appears to be the victim of “unfounded persecution on the part of the judiciary which has a political character”.

Castillo was removed from office by the Peruvian parliament on Wednesday for “moral incompetence” and was later arrested. Yesterday, the country’s Supreme Court said it had imposed “seven days of pretrial detention on former President Pedro Castillo.”

Castillo “in good shape”

Mexico’s ambassador to Lima was able to contact the former Peruvian president, who was being held in a police station in Lima, according to the foreign ministry. She’s in good shape.”

Mexican President Manuel López Obrador said earlier that Castillo was “a victim of Peru’s economic and political elite”. Both politicians belong to the leftist camp in their respective countries.

After Castillo was removed from office, his former vice president, Dina Boulwart, was sworn in as Peru’s new president. She is the first female head of state in the South American country.

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