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Former President Donald Trump is suing his daughter-in-law for $ 100 million

How much taxes former US President Donald Trump pays has been a secret for a long time – before his daughter-in-law and the “New York Times” revealed some of his finances. Now Trump wants to defend himself against it.

Former President United States, Donald Trump, Has sued his daughter-in-law Mary Trump and the New York Times for $ 100 million. Several American media outlets have reported on this. The indictment alleges that Mary Trump and several reporters were involved in a “fraudulent conspiracy” to obtain the former president’s tax revenue.

Three journalists from the “New York Times” reported in detail on Trump’s finances in 2019 and were awarded the prestigious award. Pulitzer Prize The better. Trump reportedly paid about $ 750 in federal income tax in 2016. U.S. presidents usually release their tax documents during the election campaign. Trump did not release his tax data.

Psychologist and Donald Trump’s daughter – in – law Mary Trump announced in a book published in 2020 that she had sent parts of Trump’s tax information to the “New York Times”. In one communication she called her uncle now “distrust” and “failure”. The “New York Times” has already announced that it will defend itself against the lawsuit.

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