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Formula 1: Fernando Alonso penalized after USA race – Sebastian Vettel moves up to seventh

Formula 1– Pilot Sebastian Vettel in Aston Martin after Haas Racing Team protests against Fernando Alonso United States Grand Prix Moved to seventh place. At the end of the race in Austin, the Spaniard in Alpine received a drive-through penalty that left him 15th, giving up 30 penalty seconds and dropping out of the points. Haas had protested against Red Bull driver Sergio Perez, but was acquitted. .


Haas had accused Perez and Alonso of driving unsafely after damaging their cars. In a process that lasted more than two hours, race officials also counted race control at Austin because no caution flag was issued during the race despite repeated Haas instructions.

Alonso drove most of the time with a broken right side mirror. Lance Stroll’s windshield smashed into Aston Martin while the Spaniard was speeding. During the subsequent pit stop, only the front wing was replaced, the windshield was ignored. The exterior glass then broke – just as Alonso Haas wanted to overtake Swede Kevin Magnussen.


Perez’s car was already damaged in the early stages and Red Bull themselves pointed this out and made it clear that no more parts could break.

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