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Formula 1: Red Bull's return in the "Copygate" affair

Formula 1: Red Bull’s return in the “Copygate” affair

Formula 1

The Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team has returned to Aston Martin after the “Copygate” allegations. Helmut Marko, Red Bull motorsport consultant, said in a video interview with specialist portal

Before the Spanish Grand Prix kicks off nearly three weeks ago, there was a lot of excitement about the revamped Aston Martin’s resemblance to factory Red Bull cars. “We will look into it in detail,” Marco announced in Montmelo at the time, and continued, “There is evidence that the data has been downloaded.” It was concluded that this was not the case.

Now Marko has made it clear that Red Bull will not be following it “very carefully”. “You shouldn’t do anything you can’t prove in black and white.” It just said that the data was downloaded. “But I didn’t say where they went,” the 79-year-old confirmed. The team would like “clarification from the FIA ​​on how far you can go. Since we have a small team, the AlphaTauri, and if you interpret that consistently (…), the AlphaTauri should be more similar, more like Red Bull.”

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