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Four Hills Championship: Marcus Eisenbechler demands more patience from judges ahead of Innsbruck

Four Hills Championship: Marcus Eisenbechler demands more patience from judges ahead of Innsbruck

Wind gate compensation in Snowboard allows all jumpers to be fairly evaluated regardless of conditions.

Wow the theory.

In practice, unfavorable wind conditions have been shown to be a glaring disadvantage despite the resulting bonus points. At the New Year’s event in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, not even a world-class man like Karl Geiger could keep up with the leaders under bad winds.


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“meltdown” day 130 and 127.5 meters and ranked seventh The tour decided prematurely against Allgäu.

Eisenbechler Against Al Qaeda Amendment

Should the set of rules be put to the test?

“No,” said Marcus Eisenbechler. said the 30-year-old, who finished second on the Great Olympic Hill with the right wind conditions and only cares about Minority of 0.2 points to give Tour Leader Ryo Kobayashi a defeat It had to.

Decision 10: Kobayashi withstands Eisenbechler’s pressure

Of course, he feels the company of his roommate and friend Geiger – in spite of everything, he was not without a chance in Garmisch.

“Karl didn’t bring the grenades he needed, otherwise we would have ended up ahead,” the six-time world champion explained. Bad conditions compensate to some extent, but do not attack at the very front.”

Eisenbechler submits an application to the jury

Eisenbechler was less concerned with regulations than with the course of competition.

Geiger writes off tour victory: ‘The frustration is too big’

Jurys sometimes lack patience. DSV-Adler explained that “in terms of wind, the lane was very large. That went from more than ten plus points to compensate to more than two minus points.”

This can be prevented by all means. Eisenbechler explained that “the jury can sometimes wait longer and shouldn’t be pressured by the television broadcast, which has to end after a certain time. It only takes as long as it lasts.”

Horngacher got positive results at half-time

On the other hand, national team coach Stefan Horngacher tried to emphasize the positive aspects. “It is extraordinary that we have in Marcus and Karl two players who can win. Only two players and one or two others are currently able to beat Kobayashi,” the Austrian said.

“The only reason for this is Karl’s double misfortune. I don’t know why this happened to him during the Tour, of all places,” Horngacher said, now hoping for “justice” to be served in Innsbruck and Bischofshofen.

Nevertheless, Geiger “rated” his performance discreetly, and certainly wouldn’t let the misfortune of New Year’s Day frustrate him. Tour favorite travels sixth in the overall standings with a large mortgage 32.2 points behind the high-flying Kobayashi in InnsbruckEisenbechler is in fourth place, 21.1 points lower than the Japanese.

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“I don’t care what Kobayashi does.”

Eisenbechler will be at least as relaxed as possible on the Bergisel Ski Jump. “The most important thing for me is to go further in the World Cup as a whole. I don’t care about the order of the rounds,” said a Siegsdorf resident, who wants to remain true to his former style.

And hunt down Kobayashi? “We get along very well and we wish each other good luck in Garmisch before the second jump – but I don’t care what Kobayashi does.”

Eurosport shows all the jumps of the Four Hills Championships in Oberstdorf, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Innsbruck and Bischofshofen including qualifying live on free TV. Werner Schuster comments with Gerhard Lenore, Martin Schmidt analyzes with Birgit Nossing in the studio. All live jumps are also available at Eurosport with Joyn+!

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