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Four participants in the World Cup Champions Series FC Red Bull Salzburg in Qatar - Bundesliga

Four participants in the World Cup Champions Series FC Red Bull Salzburg in Qatar – Bundesliga

Four players from Austria German League AdmiralMaster’s Series Red Bull Salzburg It will be in the coming weeks FIFA Winter World Cup in Qatar to represent their countries. In addition, ten others from the Red Bull team are traveling to various national teams around the world.

Once again, a person from the “bull stable” made a quantum leap in a short time: Luka Sucic – 20 years old, a native of Linz.

Details of ‘Red Bulls World Tour’:

Luka Susic He – as the youngest player on the team – made the leap in Croatia national football team I did to Qatar.

Philip Cohn And the Noah Okafor They are also in the FIFA World Cup and they are in the squad Switzerland.

Moreover Strahinya Pavlovic Kicks in Qatar, the World Cup team strengthens them Serbia.

The Salzburg trio in the ÖFB A . squad

Junior AdamuAnd the Nicholas Seewald And the Max Whopper They were in a band Austrian national team Called up for friendlies against Andorra (November 16) and Italy (November 20).

Samson Baidu RHe competes with Austria U-21 in friendly matches against Turkey (November 17) and Croatia (November 21). Dijon camera Had to cancel due to illness.

Nico Mantell in a band Germany under 21 In a friendly match against Italy (November 19).

Moritz Kiergaard playing with Denmark under 20 Test matches against Sweden (17 November) and Hungary (20 November).

Seiko Quetta negate with Financial Test match against Algeria (16 November).

Benjamin Sisco fight with Slovenia In friendly matches against Romania (November 17) and Montenegro (20 November).

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Rocco Simic negate with Croatia under 21 Test matches against Poland (November 17) and Austria (November 21).

Ignas van der Barpt playing with Belgian under 20 Two Test matches against Portugal (November 19) and Norway (November 22).

Shimson BaiduAnd the Dijon camera And the Justin Omorigi It is also from November 21-25 for Perspective player cycle From ÖFB I was invited to Croatia.

Image credit: FC Red Bull Salzburg via Getty