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FPÖ officials will have to report trips abroad in the future

FPÖ officials will have to report trips abroad in the future

Now the trip of the old liberal politicians to the Afghan Taliban government has had its first domestic consequences. In future, Blue MPs and officials will have to report on their trips abroad, the Standard reported yesterday.

Private excursions are not included

The measure was justified in an email addressed to blue-state parties and organizations on the front lines with the upcoming National Assembly elections. The FPÖ confirmed to the APA that this does not mean special trips.

“Given the approaching National Council elections, it is essential for voting that we have a central overview of all foreign trips of our representatives and officials (including communications and purpose of trips),” the email said, according to the Standard. . “The primary point of coordination and maintenance of our party’s external communications” is Rep. Susan Forest, spokeswoman for foreign policy and neutrality.

At the end of September, former liberal EU MP Andreas Mölzer traveled to Afghanistan with former National Council member Johannes Hübner and met, among other things, with the “foreign minister” of the unrecognized Taliban rulers. The leadership of the Freedom Party at the time stressed that the trip had not been agreed upon and spoke of “political pensioners.” Mölzer himself defended his trip.

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