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FPÖ settles first in EU election poll, NEOS gains

FPÖ settles first in EU election poll, NEOS gains

Four weeks before the EU elections, the Freedom Party remains the favorite to take first place in the opinion polls. In the OGM poll of the newspaper “Kurier” (Sunday edition), the FPÖ stood at 26 percent (EU election 2019: 17.2 percent). NEOS gained 14% (2019: 8.4%), while the Green Party lost slightly – perhaps the first effects of the turmoil surrounding their first candidate, Lena Schilling.

On the other hand, the espionage case surrounding former constitutional officer Egisto Ott seems to have no impact on the opinion poll results obtained by the Freedom Party. Compared to previous polls, there is little movement between the ÖVP and SPÖ, which are still competing for second place. In the OGM poll, the two parties were tied at 22%. This means particularly large losses for the ÖVP compared to the last elections (34.6 percent), and the SPÖ also got nowhere in the opinion polls (2019: 23.9 percent).

The first losses can be seen in the poll conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday among the Green Party, which reached 13 percent (2019: 14.1 percent). According to the public meeting, the implications of the Schilling case are not yet expected, as the allegations against the front-runner only became public during the first day of the poll. According to the poll, it is clear that the Austrian Labor Party will fail to enter the European Parliament by 2%.

According to the poll, the desire to vote is relatively high. 66% of those surveyed said they were “very confident” that they would vote. In the last EU elections in 2019, voter turnout was 59.8%, a much higher percentage than in previous years. For the OGM poll, 1,007 eligible Austrians were polled between May 7 and 8 (fluctuation range 3.1 percent).

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A poll conducted by Lazarsfeld for Austria and published on Saturday reached similar results (2,000 respondents from May 6 to 8, fluctuation range 2.2 percent). Here, it is also clear that the Freedom Party of Austria took first place with 26%, while the ÖVP and SPÖ were far behind with 21%. By obtaining 15%, NEOS surpassed the Green Party, which obtained 14%. The KPÖ was set at two percent.