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Franz Welser Most and the Cleveland Orchestra

Franz Welser Most and the Cleveland Orchestra

In order for the people of Upper Austria to enjoy this wonderful concert, which has already been sold out, there will be a live stream to Donaupark Linz, supported by LINZ AG. The live stream from Ansfelden starts at 7 p.m. The anniversary concert starts at 8 p.m. Admission is free and everyone is invited to celebrate Anton Bruckner's birthday under the motto: “Happy Birthday, Anton!”

To ensure that a visit to Donaupark is an all-round experience that appeals to the whole family, an exclusive selection of street food trucks offers delicious treats to the public. The sandcastle crew will also be on hand to set off and the team at the BRUCKNER'S restaurant at Brucknerhaus Linz looks forward to welcoming many guests to Donaupark Linz on the sun terrace. The birthday of the eponymous Brucknerhaus Linz hotel should be celebrated with all Upper Austrians right in front of the concert hall that bears its name.

The anniversary concert program includes Bruckner's Fourth Symphony romanticIn keeping with the setting Under the Open Sky (Evening), Bruckner's Symphony No. 4 in E flat major, his first in a major key, is one of the composer's most well-understood and therefore most popular works, from which the title comes. romantic The associated associations have made a significant contribution.

“In cooperation with all of Upper Austria, we want to celebrate Bruckner's 200th birthday on September 4th. The well-wishers could not be more remarkable: Linz-born star conductor Franz Welser Most and the internationally successful Cleveland Orchestra congratulate Anton Bruckner with a live concert in Ansfelden, Muscat This unique concert experience is made possible thanks to our partner Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich. So that everyone can truly enjoy the already sold-out outdoor concert, there will also be a live broadcast from 7 p.m., supported by LINZ AG Directly to Donaupark Linz In a picturesque setting, in front of the doors of the famous concert hall named after Bruckner, everyone can enrich themselves with one of Bruckner's most famous works, the Fourth Symphony, with free admission. Happy Birthday, Anthony!

Renée Esterbauer, BA MBA, Commercial Director of Leva

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“The Cleveland Orchestra and I are really looking forward to the Christmas Concert on September 4th, as we would like to celebrate the anniversary of Anton Bruckner with all music lovers in Ansfelden and via live broadcast at the Donaupark in Linz. Anton Bruckner was deeply rooted in the musical and intellectual traditions of his homeland, but at the same time Himself his compositions were so far ahead of his time in their novelty that this may be one of the reasons why his music has not lost its appeal even in our time. It provides a profound listening experience and constantly challenges the audience. The great interest of the audience in the period leading up to this special concert is proof of this.

Franz Welser-Möst, Music Director of the Cleveland Orchestra

We are looking forward to an unforgettable birthday party!