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French Immigration Law: State Dumps

French Immigration Law: State Dumps

WMany communities are aware of what currently troubles the French: the clash of bold reform policies with constitutional law, especially when it comes to immigration. In a functioning democracy characterized by balance between parliament, government and judiciary, this does not mean that immigration law cannot be changed. Merely quick actions like those leading up to Christmas in Paris are not enough.

And here, and not only with the judicial abolition of the conditions imposed on non-European immigrants and harshly imposed by right-wing parties, begins a chain of events that will certainly not succeed in reconciling the French with their institutions.

Ideological victory is pyrrhic

Now the rightists accuse Macron of setting up a scheming game with the constitutional judges, who in fact restored the government project. Did they not themselves realize that in their greed for “ideological victory” (Marine Le Pen) they were burdening the law, thus making it officially challengeable?

Politically, before the European elections, they will be happy that many long-awaited hardships for migrants have not become law after all, and that they can once again insult Macron as an arrogant opportunist deaf to the will of the people. .

If there is a “coup”, it is a joke of politicians using one of the most important concerns of the French as a political showpiece.

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