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French researchers: A vaccination quota of up to 95 percent is necessary

French researchers: A vaccination quota of up to 95 percent is necessary

Given the growing number of cases, a fourth wave linked to the delta variant could emerge quickly – “with an impact on the health system” – warns the government’s scientific advisory board.

French scientists hypothesize that a vaccination rate of up to 95 percent may be needed to contain the delta variant of the coronavirus. “We will not control the epidemic if 90 to 95 percent of the population is not vaccinated and infected,” the government’s scientific advisory board said on Friday.

Given the increasing number of cases, “a fourth wave associated with the delta variant could rapidly emerge, with implications for the health system.”

In France, only about half of the population received the first dose of the vaccine, and 40 percent were vaccinated twice. The government’s goal is to fully vaccinate two-thirds of the population by the end of August.

Compulsory vaccination of health and nursing staff?

“If people wait until after the summer holidays to get vaccinated, it will be too late,” said epidemiologist and advisory board member Arnaud Fontanet, RTL broadcaster. The delta variant, which is considered the most contagious, is already responsible for half of all new coronavirus infections in France.

The government is expected to introduce mandatory vaccinations for health and nursing staff in the near future, and a special session is scheduled for Monday. On Monday evening, President Emmanuel Macron wants to explain the new measures in the fight against the delta version on television.