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From 400 to 800 employees in four years

From 400 to 800 employees in four years

“The question today is no longer whether you will be the target of a cyber attack, but when.” If it finally comes to that, Alexander Alpler, head of Styrian IT services provider NTS, is stepping in. Although: Albler and his team actually try to be there with customers early. When it comes to creating risk assessments or removing vulnerabilities in companies that could become the target of an attack.

The broad field of cybersecurity is just one of the topics in which NTS specializes. This also includes operational responsibility for IT infrastructure (“managed services”), as well as “Network as a Service (NaaS)”, i.e. offering flexible use of network components. However, the portfolio that generally guarantees a lot of demand. Calculating the accounting figures: Sales of the company, which is headquartered in Raba-Grambach, amounted to 341 million euros last year – an increase of 30 percent on the previous year.

Same owners since 1995

Founded in 1995 by Alexander Alpler and Hermann Kohler – who are still owners of the company today – it embarked on a rapid growth trajectory in the mid-2000s. This is also reflected in the company's workforce. While there were 77 employees working at NTS in 2010, there were actually 394 employees in 2020. Now, just four years later, the number of employees has doubled again to 794 people. They now work in 22 different locations, from Austria to Germany and from Switzerland to China and the USA. Last year, new branches were added in Verona, Heidelberg and Regensburg.

“We have always developed organically and would like to continue doing so,” says NTS President Albler. In addition to “all-round presence,” the manager also identifies a special focus on “service and customer orientation” as a recipe for success. Today there are approximately 1,000 customer-side companies. These include well-known brands such as the Austrian Red Cross, Red Bull, AT&S, Knapp AG, Magna, Andritz AG and Grazer Wechselseiten.